My Journey with the MoneyMan started out with the goal of betting across eight of South Africa’s betting websites over the Rugby World Cup, acclimatizing myself with both the betting world and the quality of the various websites. The next step will be interesting; as I look to shift my focus away from the sport I know and love, in rugby, and towards other sports. In doing so, the challenge will be to adopt a betting strategy and familiarize myself with the numbers and statistics that dictate betting.

I’m lucky enough to have been exposed to fantastic rugby insight during my life and so form a decent understanding of the game myself. The Rugby World Cup stood as the perfect opportunity to begin the MoneyBoy mission, as I was allowed to navigate betting websites with the safety of knowing and understanding the sport I was betting on. The opening stages of the tournament acted still as feelers, as I placed small bets here and there and got used to the system and the nature of the tournament. From the quarter finals onwards was when I started feeling comfortable in my betting abilities and putting down larger sums of money, or more outcomes, experimenting with more than just handicap and outright bets and looking to running bets and individual ones too. My finals-stage betting was a success and I came away with a profit of 10796 rand.

As the World Cup fades away though, the challenge is now for me to adopt a few different sports and see if I have similar success there. The MoneyMan has reminaed strong in his belief, over our many chats, that the key to success in betting is the same as success in business; a CEO reads on average 52 books a year, if you’re looking to succeed in your betting, you should spend at least an hour a day reading before placing your bets.

While rugby carries on, although not on as grand a scale as a World Cup, I’ll be looking to educate myself a lot more on the world of soccer primarily and hopefully be able to then interpret statistics with a greater base understanding of the game. A sport that I will also be aiming to both learn and bet on is the NFL, a world completely un discovered for me but one that I am excited to jump into.

The top websites emerged easily for me during the World Cup, and now that I’m familiar with them, I’ll be looking to experiment with these other sports, comfortable with the interface with which I am betting on.

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