After playing around on eight of South Africa’s betting websites, I’ve picked my top four and focused my attention on them.


Sporting bet has a fantastic interface, aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate. This user-friendly interface is reflected in their app too, which was by far the best betting app I experienced. They match a deposit bonus by 100%, up to R2000 and most importantly there were no issues ever when it came to paying out my successful bets. They also offer occasional free bets across various sports and had a decent array of types of bets to place, with regards to the rugby World Cup.


Sunbet, like Sportingbet, is an example of how a user friendly website makes a betting experience so much more enjoyable. I never had any trouble navigating the website or placing and tracking my bets. They were also consistent in paying out the successful bets on time. The main reason I enjoyed Sunbet was the huge array of bets offered around games, both before and during the games and the way in which one could adjust handicaps using a sliding scale. Their deposit bonus matches one by 100% up to R1000 and they offered some really enticing specials, like a boosted odds bet right at the beginning of the Rugby World Cup which saw my 200 rand on the Springboks as outright winners return 1200 on odds that had been increased to 6.00.

  1. WSB

WSB is not an example of a user-friendly site, I didn’t enjoy placing the bets and they were slow to pay my successful ones out on a few occasions, with their systems being down. I had to call and follow up a few times to make sure the money was going to be paid out. However they always ended up paying it out and what they are an example of is a betting powerhouse in terms of the deposit bonus you receive and the availability of different bets. Pre-game, WSB offered the largest array of possibilities to bet on and they also offer a 100% match of your deposit bonus up to R10 000, which dwarfs any deposit bonus on offer by any of the other websites. They also send out a monthly loyalty voucher to you as a user. Unfortunately, WSB does not have an app, just a mobile website


Betway was enjoyable to bet on in the sense that they were consistent and trustworthy with paying out my bets and I found their website and app easy to use. While still below the pecking order to Sportingbet and Sunbet with regards to usability, their app functions well for the most and their website is uncomplicated. Their deposit bonus on offer is 125% up to R1000 rand and they too circulate small free bets every now and again. However, one has to place bets equivalent to four times the initial deposit amount to qualify for this deposit bonus.

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