In what was Super Rugby’s last weekend for the foreseeable future, I took my Superbru predictions and essentially applied them to the betting world, putting an accumulator bet on all the handicaps of Round 7. This was the only bet I made, but it paid off handsomely.

I put down R200 on the following spreads; Hurricanes at +7.5, Blues at -15.5, Sunwolves at +41.5, Reds at -15.5, Sharks at -5.5, Jaguares at -12.5 and Brumbies at -12.5. Had the Jaguares game not been cancelled and they had won by the margin I figured, my R200 would have seen me walk away with around 9 grand. Unfortunately, but maybe luckily (had there been an upset), the Jags game was not to be, and R200 debit at the start of the weekend saw me come away with R4752 at the end of it, in what essentially became a bet of nearly 24/1.

I’m really enjoying playing accumulators. If you feel confident in your knowledge of a sport or tournament, they are a great way to make a return. My Superbru has been successful this year, and so I was confident in translating my points predictions to the handicap world. I also wasn’t putting down an amount that I really had to bank on to come off, because had it not, It wouldn’t have harmed my betting account too much. And that is the key, put a little bit down, that you won’t miss, because more likely than not one payoff will cover any small losses you’ve made previously on your accumulators. But if you start playing accumulators with the majority of your funds, its a recipe for disaster. As enticing as the odds are, there is a reason they are that high, and thats because of the unpredictability of sport and the likelihood of at least one upset in a weekend, even if your predictions are sound. Take Liverpool v Watford costing a few people their accumulator bets… there is no guarantee.

There will be a quite a lull now with the chaos of Covid-19, but keep your eyes and ears open for some “How To” pieces, and take the time to rest up, improve your betting and sporting knowledge, and hopefully we’ll all be more informed and ready to bet when sport returns.

Thats all for now folks




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