SUPER BOWL SUNDAY may not mean much for many South Africans or indeed Southern Hemisphere folk but to understand its magnitude here are some fun facts about tomorrows most over hyped sports event of the year: During this game a 30 second advertising slot will cost advertisers R65, 000, 000.

Over 120 million Americans will tune in to watch this game tomorrow or to be more dramatic 1 in 3 Americans will tune into a game that has no major significance to them other than the occasion itself. They will spend close to R200 Billion on food, decorations and team apparel in order to celebrate this day with style  (If such a thing exists in a country with Trump as President).

Americans will gamble close to R60 Billion on the outcome of this game and 97% of money exchanging hands will be illegal because gambling in America is illegal for the most part.

This years game and the outcome has been debated for the past 2 weeks and not much is clear. Money has been coming in on Atlanta because they are the underdog and for the past 5 years the underdog has covered the Handicap (Which means they have not lost the game by the amount of points the bookmakers have predicted). Will Tom Brady win his 5th Super Bowl ring or will a man with 2 first names win his first Super Bowl ring (Matt Ryan)?

Here is what you should know if you are betting on the game: A good defense will usually beat a good offense. The New England Patriots have the better defense in this game. Throw in the fact Tom Brady runs their offense and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know where my money is going. To cut through the clutter and never ending questions and debates around this spectacle is key to making money. New England will win this game and I believe win it well. Their average score in ¬†games this season was 28-15, they had the tougher schedule and still finished 14-2 compared to 11-5 for the Falcons.

Bill Belichick is a master tactician, and he has a true war horse in Tom Brady, I am expecting a resounding victory for New England and will be placing R2000 on the Patriots to win this game by 3 or more points.

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