January was a great month for me! Starting with R10,000 and turning it into R14,700 is no easy feat. As most of you will know by now I do bet everyday, in fact I only wager on events that I have carefully evaluated and done my home work on. I have incorporated my stats so that you can keep track with me throughout the year and hopefully we will have 12 profitable months, but that is unlikely. My aim is to have a profitable year. My advice is there will be some highs and when that occurs remember you are not immortal to the gambling gods, what goes up does come down. History is a harsh reminder of this fact. When you realize you are mortal don’t panic and try to win it all back in 1 day, remember there are 365 days in the year, act accordingly. This gig for me is fun and I truly love to teach people how to succeed but ┬áremember it is not my primary way of paying my mortgage. Keep your day job and have fun with me but if you find yourself stressed; just stop.

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