Egypt have been like a Mamba in this tournament, they don’t strike often but when they do it’s usually lethal. They soak up pressure and look to strike on the break. Burkina Faso suffered such a bite in the Semi-Final against Egypt. I don’t know who will win this game but my bet without hesitation is to bet on Cameroon to have more corners than Egypt because of the lack of attacking ambition Egypt offer. To illustrate this, Egypt have had a total of 14 corners in the entire tournament and in all 5 games they have not once had more corners in the game than their opponents who have totaled 33. That is a huge margin and if you consider Cameroon have out cornered their opposition in 4 out of 5 games and overall by 33-15 margin you can see why I really think this bet offers tremendous value. I am betting R500 to win R575 plus my stake.

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